Everybody hates Mondays right?
Well what would happen if you took the time to re-center, refocus and reevaluate your goals every Sunday before the week pops off? My theory is that if you spend an hour or two of your Sunday reconnecting with your heart's desires and creating a plan of attack- (actionable steps you can take each week that will get you closer to your dreams)- you'll be so geeked up to do some major goal digging on Monday that you won't dread the end of the weekend ever again.

The Sunday Jumpstart is a newsletter that will help you rediscover your purpose and encourage you to pursue your passions full force. Join us every Sunday as we prepare for an amazing week with articles about creating vision, overcoming fear and attaining goals with the help of weekly challenges, exercises, and printouts. And don't worry I got your back- I'm not about that email spam life, so your email address is safe with me.

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